Teaching Goals and Methods

This section outlines the goals and methods that characterize language teaching in colleges and universities in the United States, and provides guidelines for implementing those methods in the classroom.

Two downloadable Word-format worksheets will help you assess your overall teaching approach and your ways of using current methodology in specific lessons. A third worksheet will allow your supervisor or a colleague to provide specific feedback after observing you in the classroom.


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Goal: Communicative Competence

Method: Learner-Centered Instruction

Guidelines for Communicative, Learner-Centered Instruction



Material in this section is drawn from the modules “Research and language learning: A tour of the horizon” by Ken Sheppard, and “Spoken language: What it is and how to teach it” by Grace Stovall Burkart in Modules for the Professional Preparation of Teaching Assistants in Foreign Languages (Grace Stovall Burkart, Ed.; Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics, 1998).